Saber Louichi

Dieter RuchtSaber Louichi; Foto: Fanni Raghman Anni Saber Louichi studied at the faculty of law, political and social science in Tunisia, then started his MA in public law and passed first year in 2010. After the revolution and with the beginning of the transitional period, he worked for the Independent High Authority for the Elections as a supervisor in Alnida Center to provide information to activists and citizens.

After the elections, he participated in Bridge project in a “training of trainers programme” on governance, democracy and elections, then he became a certified trainer for the same programme. He worked as a dialogue facilitator and specialized in supporting civil society. He provided training in constitution, democracy, human rights, citizenship and local governance fields.

In 2015, he started his MA in political communication. The combination between studying law and communication science helped in broading his knowledge and skills in communication and advocacy, especially in training and supporting civil society.

Currently, he works as a coordinator for «Let’s rule» project that aims at empowering civil society organizations to participate in forming public policies. He is an advisor to UNESCO in «Net MED Youth» project on public policy and an expert in citizenship education and human right for Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR).


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