What's hot in the world of German pop?

This section will help you to find out!

We've selected some great songs for you, some from well-known German bands, others from up-and-coming artists.  Have a look around to watch videos, listen to the music and find out more about the bands.

What's it all about?

Don't worry if you don't understand the songs at first (if you did, you'd already speak perfect German!).  Some songs are more difficult than others, some are faster, some are slower and some of the singers have regional accents.  It's all great practice for understanding German in real-life situations.

To help you understand the lyrics, we have created special sheets for the song lyrics with lots of useful vocabulary, and fun worksheets for you to download at the bottom of each page.

The main thing is ... have fun!  Try to catch the words bit for bit, and don't forget to sing along!

    New songs

    Laserkraft 3D
    Check out our selection of fresh new songs, including the fantastic electro hit, Nein, Mann! by Laserkraft 3D.

    Feeling under the weather?

    Stephan Remmler / it-sounds GmbH
    Stephan Remmler's song 'Ich muss ins Krankenhaus' will teach you everything you'll ever need to know to get by at the doctor's.