Tausend Kilometer bis zum Meer

Band: Luxuslärm

Luxuslärm are an up-and-coming pop-rock band from Nordrhein Westfalen, in the west of Germany. They've already won lots of prizes at music industry awards ceremonies, and look set to become regulars at the top of the charts.

    Song: Tausend Kilometer bis zum Meer

    Language level: * (fairly straightforward)

    Tip: if you can't see the video, try visiting the band's website and listening to the song there (see the link in the 'videos' section).

      Materials: Tausend Kilometer bis zum Meer

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      Style: pop-rock
      Members: Janine Meyer, Henrik Oberbossel, David Rempel, Eugen Urlacher, Jan Zimmer
      From: Nordrhein-Westfalen
      Formed: 2006