War and Peace

Ariel Varges – Thessaloniki


Ariel Varges
The American war photographer Ariel Varges (1890‒1972) was a pioneering photojournalist who travelled the world covering conflicts with still and film cameras.

In 1916, he was working in Thessaloniki on behalf of the U.S. International Film Service and was later posted to Mesopotamia as an official British Army photographer. At that time, Thessaloniki was the centre for the landing of the Allied forces heading for the Macedonian Front. The troops marching through the city came not just from Europe, but from all over the world. This was the first time that the local population had seen Indian, Chinese and African soldiers from the colonies of the Great Powers.

Varges’s lens recorded the unusual multiethnic co-existence of everyday life in a city just a few kilometres from the front.