War and Peace

Educational programme

The following teaching material is available for teachers to download free of charge. It will help them to present the subject during their normal lessons, to prepare the class for their visit to the exhibition and to arouse the pupils’ interest so that they carry out their own research.

 Copyright: Ariel Varges © Imperial War Museum Q 31776

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    Angeliki Voultepsi © Angeliki Voultepsi
    Angeliki Voultepsi
    Design of educational teacher’s guide

    Angeliki Voultepsi is a primary education teacher. She has worked as a substitute teacher in the Parallel Support of students with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, in Reception Classes for Immigrants for the learning of Greek as a second foreign language as well as in Cross-cultural Education. She has attended seminars of Museology in the past and at the moment she is attending the “Education in Museums” Seminar for Adults of the Greek Children's Museum on the process of creating and implementing an educational program in museums.