Workshops and Outreach Programm

Multilingual Performance Poetry

by Mamta Sagar

27 Nov 2016 | 11..00 1m to 3.00pm
Artisan's Gallery, Fort, Mumbai
Closed Event
0091 22 22027710
When an image speaks a thousand words, can you hear a song in those lines? Can you read the rhyme within the rhythm? Can you translate an image into a poem? In this fascinating intersemiotic translation (translating from one genre to another) workshop with photography and poetry, myriad possibilities will open up and enable you to carry form and sense from one culture to another, beyond linguistic limitations.
Eligibility: This workshop is for poets, photographers, authors, journalists, artists of any age.

To apply please fill up this online form: Online-Formular Candidates will get a certificate of participation at the end of the workshop.