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Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri

Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri
Foto: Goethe-Institut / Soumya Sankar Bose
Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri (born 1965) is a poet residing in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She produced collections of Bengali poetry. She studied philosophy at Presidency College, Kolkata, and was affiliated with the University of Calcutta from 1984 to 1989.

Her work deals with the themes of love, alienation, relationships between women, and of late, politics. She also translates from French into Bengali and has translated Leonardo Da Vinci by Serge Bremley in 2008.

Krittibas Puroskar, 1998.
Anita-Sunil Basu Smriti Puroskar of Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi, 2006.


কাচের গোলক /
Kugel aus Glas

ভ্রূণত্যাগের পর /
Nach dem Abbruch / Nach der Unterbrechung

সীমন্তিনী মডেল হতে চেয়েছিল /
Simantini wollte ein Model werden

পিশাচিনী ৩ /