Daniela Danz

Daniela Danz
Foto: Goethe-Institut / Madiha Aijaz
Daniela Danz was born on September 5, 1976 in Eisenach. She studied History of Art and German Studies in Tübingen (under Paul Hoffman among others), Prague, Berlin, Leipzig and Halle (Saale) and wrote her masters’ thesis on „Krankenhauskirchenbau der Weimarer Republik“ (‘Building of hospital churches in Weimar Republic’) upon graduation.

She pursued a teaching position in Osnabrück. From 2003 till 2010, she worked as a Kunstinventarisatorin at the Evangelical church. Today, Danz lives as a freelance writer in Kranichfeld and teaches at Hildesheim University. Since 2013, she is also Head of the Schillerhaus in Rudolstadt.

Danz’ written works include poetry, prose, essays and children’s literature. Besides that she collaborates with composers to add music to some of her works and to translate them in other languages. Her work deals with the classical forms and antique stuff, like the epic of Homer or the Ovids Metamorphosen. From here, Danz transitioned to experimenting with recent history, for e.g. World War II and the current socio-political topics like migration. Florian Illies certified Danz as having a flair for the oppressive presence of history.


Bienenvolk oder Der gute Staat /
شہد کی مکھیوں کا چھتہ یا ایک اچھی ریاست /
ماکين جومناروياهڪ ڀلي رياست

Hab ich die Worte /
ابابیل جیسے الفاظ / ڇامون وٽ لفظ آهن

Masada /
مسادا / رڻ

Und du meine Blaue und du meine Graue /
اور تم مری نیلگوں اور تم مری خاکستری /
تون منهنجي نيرو، تون منهنجو سليٽي