A photo essay on Barbara Köhler’s Gedicht (Poem)

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ich nenne mich du weil der Abstand
so vergeht zwischen uns wie Haut
an Haut wir sind nicht
zu unterscheiden zu trennen eins
und das Andere die Grenze ist
die Verletzung der Übergang
eine offene Wunde du nennst mich
ich wer von uns beiden sagt
hier hast du ein Messer
mach meinen Schnitt.

I saw Barbara’s poem as a piece that had both, political and sexual undertones. Two bodies, two states and yet being one in the same. Inseparable yet separate. I first considered working with two models to recreate this idea, but the sense of state seemed to call for an exposition of space over form.

I needed to go outdoors in search of the invisible boundaries around us every day; boundaries that would separate the same place. Once that decision was made, bringing the poem to life became simple. How is a single place separate from itself, within a moment in time? It was about looking at two sides to the same place through light and dark; sun and shadow exist within the same place and space, meeting like a perfect borderline, separating a place while never easing its sameness.

Natalie Soysa
April 2016