Chennai Festival

Where Chennai unites in verse

Poets translating Poets © Goethe-Institut; Photo: Jaikumar

Organised in cooperation with Prakriti Foundation, this two-day programme featured 16 poets selected from the earlier literary encounters. They participated in the context of Poetry with Prakriti, in events spread across the city. Poetry with Prakriti a poetry festival presented in Chennai every year, provides an opportunity for poets from varied backgrounds in multiple languages to read and share their poetry.

In adherence with the idea of bringing poetry closer to the younger generation there were poetry readings in colleges across Chennai, in addition to workshops and public presentations. Internationally acclaimed voices danced with words, translations, forms of expressions and brought about a vibrant space of creativity, interaction, discussion and debate. In short, a celebration of poetry from around the world.

Poets translating Poets © Goethe-Institut; Photo: Jaikumar
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