Anita Bumby Hagedorn is 50 years old and is working as a caregiver. She comes from Pangasinan and presently resides in Rheine. Q. What do you like most about Germany? A. I like the safety, health insurance, the order and the cleanliness. Q. Why did you go to Germany? A. I got married to my husband who is a German. Q. What difficulty did you encounter on your way to Germany and how did you overcome it? A. The Language barriers in communication made it very difficult for me. It was hard to find a job related to my degree as a HRM-graduate. What I did was I studied a new course here in Germany as a nursing aid. After finishing I could already work as a caregiver. Q. What did you notice that was new, different or funny when you first came? A. The snow! It was winter when I arrived in 2002. I felt like I was in a snow ball, everything was covered with snow. Q. What advice do you have for other Filipinos who would like to migrate in Germany? A. Learn the language. When I came here, I had zero knowledge about German language. The German language school was very far from where I lived. I really had a hard time communicating in my first 4 years. Learn the computer as well, specially making calls through skype, it is a medicine for homesickness. Q. Did you enjoy learning German and do you have a favorite German word or phrase? A. I do love learning laguages though german language is a bit hard. My favorite word is Fahrt. I see the words Einfahrt and Notfahrt very often. I was really laughing the first time I encountered this word and it is even in the highways! Ich liebe dich is my next favorite.