Quiz 2

VIDEO CALLS UND QUIZZES: What is it about?

    Survey 2

    The video shows many pictures of Germany. Which one do you find most interesting in the countryside?

    Many Germans are proud of their cars and like to drive a bit faster. They are allowed to do so on the highway. Traffic could also get bad there sometimes, especially during the holiday season – then it looks almost like Edsa in Manila. Just like in the Philippines, many fruits, vegetables and grains are grown in Germany. The crops planted in the fields are a bit different, though. In Germany, they are mainly cereals, canola, and corn.The North and East Seas lie on the borders of Northern Germany, and both are popular holiday destinations. Many Germans spend their vacations there. Whether it’s summer or winter, there are enough lakes to go swimming in or for ice skating in Germany’s countrysides.Sure, it’s not that cold in Germany, except in winter, when it’s colder than ice. But when it’s summertime, which is from June to August, a T-shirt is recommended for what is called “swimming weather”.
    The highway The fields The beach People in T-shirts