I am holding five Bolshoy Theaters and one monument to Peter the Great. I will exchange them for 300 kilometers, start the car and drive from here. I have always wanted to go to the Bolshoy.

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    Bank Notes, Crime and Punishment

    [Germany | Kiel] There are plenty of possibilities to spend money and often it is not easy to decide which expenditure is sensible and which one is not. But those who like to waste their money, however, will find some good advice in this article that introduces the Euro on basis of penalties in Germany.More ...

    The Adventures of the Belorussian Hare

    [Belarus | Minsk] A ‘hare’ is the people’s term for the Belorussian currency. The reason for that is simple: a hare was printed on the first 1-ruble note. Naturally, everybody wanted to catch and eat the hare: the history of the national currency started with inflation, followed by uncertainty. The history of the Belorussian money is related by the example of one family’s home economics in Andrey Dichenko’s story.More ...

    Georgian happiness

    [Georgia| Tbilisi] Only the national currency is capable of making a Georgian’s wishes come true, and this is the Georgian Lari (GEL). According to the Georgian constitution, it is the national currency of Georgia from 1995. In 2016, the National Bank of Georgia publicized a new design of the Georgian Lari. The upgraded Lari won the award as the best regional banknote of the year 2016.More ...

    Country of millionaires

    [Uzbekistan | Tashkent] Those who are anticipating a trip to Uzbekistan and the purchase of the Uzbek currency will need a spacious bag to hold the money, otherwise there is a risk that all those banknotes that will be received at the currency exchange point will not get into the wallet. The reason for that is the extremely low exchange rate of the Uzbek sum in relation to other currencies. More ...

    Exchange Rate: Hryvnia – Per Mille

    [Ukraine | Kyiv] How to have a drink in Kyiv for a sum varying from 1 hryvnia to 500 hryvnias: lifehacks from the experienced people.More ...

    Money: RUB

    [Russia | Moscow] Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Khabarovsk: what unites all these Russian cities? They are all shown on different Russian banknotes. When the modern Russian banknotes were designed, a decision was taken not to depict historical characters there, as it had been before, and to present the Russian city sights. More ...

    Kazakhstani tenge

    [Kazakhstan | Almaty]More ...




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