Dis-stance: the distance stretched out with versts…
They unglued and unsoldered us,
They crucified us by separation,
But they didn’t know we were an alloy…

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    The Rupture Zone

    [Russia - Ukraine] In 2015, Yanina Boldyreva from Novosibirsk and Alexander Isaenko from Odessa made a joint project, which was named “The Rupture Zone". It is based on thoughts about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Physically being on its different sides, the artists have created something common and borderless, an artistic space dedicated to a difficult subject, which resulted in a photo book published by the authors and a series of photos, still topical in our time.More ...


    [Ukraine | Kyiv] The golden age of the European civilization included the acme of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople, the city with a miraculous fate and magnificent history. It is somewhere here, between the world-largest mosque and the Istanbul Modern (the Istanbul Museum Modern Art), that is the invisible mental borderline between Europe and Asia. Or maybe there is no borderline at all there? Chris Kulakovska went to Istanbul in search of the answer.More ...

    Christians without a Cross

    [Georgia | Gorelovka Village] The Doukhobors, as they call themselves (“soul-strugglers” or “spirit-wrestlers”), are an Orthodox Protestant society, which appeared for the first time around three centuries ago in Russia, in the Tambov Province.More ...

    The Dust of the Sea

    [Russia | Moscow] The tragedy that struck the Aral Sea, situated on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, became the symbol of the boundary that should never be crossed. Olga Matveyeva tells the sad story of the town of Muinak, a once multinational port town, which is on the border between life and oblivion now. She describes her trip from the town to the current shoreline on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea.More ...

    Monumental Bus Stops

    [Kazakhstan| somewhere in the north of the country] The majestic concrete structures designating bus stops embody a boundary condition between movement and its absence. The photo project by Timur Zhansultanov, devoted to the highway bus stops, reflects the atmosphere of these remarkable concrete artifacts of the Soviet time of different degrees of monumentality. More ...

    To divide

    [Belarus | Minsk] The photo project of Alexandra Soldatova is based on an attempt to realize the essence of the concept of a border. On the one hand, to divide means to transform one whole into independent parts. On the other hand, if we assume the world around us to be a whole, shall we find such parts which will turn out to be not connected?More ...

    Alienation Zone

    [Ukraine | Pripyat] The borderline between life and death goes along the central avenue of the town of Pripyat, revealing the true essence of things: the brittleness of concrete, the strength of weeds and the power of invisible gamma-radiation. Anna Dumanska and Bogdan Misyurenko speak about the half-life-half-death period of our civilization.More ...

    A Hike on the Border

    [Uzbekistan | Tavaksay] On the political map of the world, there is a locality a bit north of the Tavaksay River: it marks the borderline between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. A geographical map, though, shows just mountains. If you see this place in reality, you will understand that the notion of the borderline is rather conventional. Marat Nadzhibaev tells us about the nature erasing all borders, leaving behind only itself: mountain peaks, snow and waterfalls. More ...




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