Expressly marked with different borderlines, the human conscience reacts to any manifestations of the borderline state with unfathomable fear. Here no templates are working: one just has to make a choice – to stay on one side or to cross the line and find oneself on the other side.

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    Invisible People

    [Belarus | Minsk] “To look” and “to see” are the verbs which are critically different for their semantics and for the rate of their wrong use. For example, blind people can sometimes see much more than people with vision. On the other hand, the absence of disabled people in the field of our vision does not indicate that there are no such people around. Vyacheslav Korsak tells us a touching story about the seemingly insurmountable thresholds between people and shares his experience of how to learn to see the world. More ...

    [Georgia | Tbilisi] A visa-free status has been valid between Georgia and the European Union for already several months. The whole country celebrated the disappearance of this barrier and the new step towards the much-desired future for three days. The geopolitical aspect turns into a mental one in the text written by Yekaterina Minasyan: can one move from the collective “Soviet” mentality to the western individualism? More ...

    For whom the clock ticks

    [Kazakhstan | Almaty – Great Britain | London] A spinster, a ticking clock, the family values and heirlooms of the traditional patriarchal society and the other whales and turtles carrying the Earth on their backs, as well as the atlantes and caryatides carrying the unshakable concept of family happiness… The borderline between the proponents and opponents of the classical interpretation of this phenomenon reminds us of a canyon or a mountain ridge. Rustina Temir speaks about this border from the other side of the barricade.More ...

    Beyond the Border

    [Ukraine | Kyiv] The demarcation lines in art exist and look approximately the same as political borders: over the entire borderline, there are neither actual lines painted red nor concrete walls, but the unlawful crossing the border may cause serious problems for the perpetrator. Whereas in the former case, one can check in a map, what can we do in the case of art? Does it have any borders at all, and if so, who determines the borders? The text by Yelena Mordovina from Kyiv is an impressive attempt to answer these questions.More ...


    [Uzbekistan > Poland] Tashkent, the home city of Tamara Sinelnikova, is nearly 5,000 kilometers away from the Polish city of Gdańsk, where she is studying now. These five thousand kilometers, like a camera zoom, have allowed us to come somewhat closer to what is named ‘a culture code’ and to understand when and why we say ‘we’. More ...

    Insider / Outsider

    [Russia | Moscow] The borderline Valery talks about crosses, like a thick red line, the minds of almost all people who find themselves in a place filled with a certain number of people having varying opinions. Drawing this line is usually preceded by choice, and often the complexity of this choice is consciously ignored, the “against” button is abraded, and current is running along wires.tMore ...




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