Each of my collections has its own history of creation. Sometimes it is influenced by the condition of my mind, my joys or my impressions made by different sights and images. There were cases when, working at my collection, I would switch on one song and listen to it many times. Sometimes, I was inspired by the images of model girls who participated in the shooting of the brand clothes. When I realized that I am morally exhausted, I go traveling and try to disengage myself from the social networks. The secret is simple: to find harmony by any way offered by the Universe at the moment. These are my personal methods of finding inspiration.

Being grateful

 © Kate Tikota Perhaps, realizing that everything in this world is happening as it should happen is my first motivator. We should be grateful for each day of our life.

Many years ago, I lost everything in five days’ time. At the beginning of the week, I parted with my fiancé, whom I had dated for four years and a half. A couple of days later, I no longer rented the flat I had been renting before, and several more days after, somebody stole my wallet with all my bank cards and the cash equivalent of my wages I had just withdrawn. So, here I was, with a wounded heart, without lodging and without any money at all.

In the militia, I was issued a letter that my wallet had been stolen. With this letter, I was able to commute by public transport for a few days. I did not know what to do for the first time in my life. I slept on a tiny sofa in my friend’s home and went somewhere on a trolley-bus on the following day. I realized then that it was the beginning. At that moment, I felt absolutely happy.


 © Kate Tikota Mountains are great, and mountains and water are even greater. When I first saw real 8,000 km-tall mountains — that was a tracking round of Anapurna — my heart sank, and I realized it was the love of my life. Later I came to Kyrgyzstan, to the place near the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, and I saw mountains again. Now I know it is not just love: it is a kind of addiction. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful combination than that of mountains and water. One should see that!

Taking videos

I record videos about things that completely carry me away. Sometimes it is difficult for me to express what I feel with my photos, so, I have found something better for it — I am trying to develop my own YouTube-channel. I choose what is really interesting for me: videos from my travels, poems, shows of my brand’s collections and different events. What I value most is the records of my various trips. Part of these records is still in work: I watch them, just as look at the last piece of cake and decide what is not needed and where a cherry may be left on the cake.


I have it from my childhood. When I got a task at school to learn a poem, it was a special task for me: I looked forward to spending several hours with my father in the evening. It was my father who instilled love for poetry in me. When I was a teenager, I would read the poetry of Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetayeva, Vladimir Mayakovsky and other poets. Later I discovered modern authors, including Anton Lysikov (Dolphin), for myself. Sometimes I say that I compose funny small rhymes, like Agnia Barto, but I never write them down.

Photography as art

© Kate Tikota Passion took hold of me when I took my parents’ Zenith camera into my hands. This camera was the beginning for many, and I was no exception. I took pictures, attended a photography class, and then I started to teach photography to children from 9 to 14 years old. In many ways, it is because of this passion that my life is now what it is, including my tastes, my perception of beauty and even my favorite brand TIKOTA UNIQUE.

Translated from the Russian by Tatyana Padve
© Kate Tikota

Kate Tikota

Katya is the creator and designer of the clothes brand TIKOTA UNIQUE and a participant of the fashion weeks in Belarus and in Ukraine. She developed the first Belorussian brand project dedicated to recycling of clothes. She is a member of the Designers’ Union of Belarus, a professional photo model, and she names herself a blogger and a cosmopolitan.


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