Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: united with her (reason) , she (fantasy) is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels.

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    Inspiration 2.0

    [Georgia | Tbilisi] What is inspiration? What is it that makes our brain connect different patterns to come up with something meaningful and, more importantly, how do we maintain this inspiration in the process of implementing our ideas? More ...


    [Germany | Bonn] This is the story of a German citizen Paul Assies, who happened to arrive in the capital of Siberia to have academic training there. He spent three months in a far-away country, which turned out to be filled with different experiences and challenges: from natural (−°C35 and snowdrifts) to gastronomic ones (too much mayo in salads). How can one find inspiration so far from home and keep being creative? More ...


    [Ukraine | Kyiv] An artist making a drawing is a an inspiring sight in itself. It is even more interesting to find out how artists capture their muse. The young graphic artist from Kyiv Konstantin Mordovin, the author of very romantic drawings, speaks about five interesting and unusual sources of his inspiration. More ...


    [Russia | Lesosibirsk] While neurophysiologists are making experiments to find out how a musician’s brain works at the time of creation, Converter has directly asked a representative of the Siberian independent electronic music, Stanislav Sharifullin (Hmot), about what inspires him and launches the mysterious creative processes in his soul. In fact, the answer is logical and could be anticipated: technology, symbol systems, experiments – but not only that.More ...


    [Belarus | Minsk] The founder and designer of the Belorussian clothes brand TIKOTA UNIQUE, Katya Tikota speaks about five very simple but extremely effective ways to find inspiration for herself, in order to share it with others. The most interesting moment of Katya’s story is how her negative experience became a starting point for the positive changes in her life and creative work.More ...

    Just do it!

    [Kazakhstan | Karaganda] There is an important project, extremely urgent: like they say, “the deadline is yesterday”; however, There is no motivation to finish the project, and the workplace smells of apathy. What can be done? We asked Yevgeny Yakovlev, a freelance artist and a graphics designer from Karaganda: who should know, if not a freelancer? The illustrations for this material were made by the artist. More ...




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