What occupies the thoughts of young people in St. Petersburg? The project is interested in - what they do, how they talk, what they hope and what they fear. The photo reportage “Dreams from St. Petersburg“ tries to give an idea of all these things.

© Ksenia Disterhof

    Dream from St. Petersburg I

    Do you prefer a world trip or breakfast with your family? What bothers you in your life, what are you dreaming about and what do you fear? Alexandre and Alyona from Piter give answers. More ...

    Dream from St. Petersburg II

    Flash mobs, tattoos, or a lucky ticket – small things characterize the everyday life in St. Petersburg. Oleg talks about his social project, the dream of his own music and “adult” problems. Ksenia helps people with their problems, she dreams of traveling and she is waiting for the right lifetime wish.More ...

    Dream from St. Petersburg III

    Between art realization and the late ship of weekdays: Lisa works free-lance but she did the first step for her dream. Sam´s dream is to found a commune for all of his friends. He leads bars as an exercise and accepts temporarily homelessness for his dream.More ...

    Dream from St. Petersburg IV

    About art, the fear of the ecological situation of our planet and human co-existence. She is from Kaliningrad, he grew up in Siberia: both are searching for a lucky future in St. Petersburg. The student Anastasia and the stylist Sergej talk about their life in the northern capitol. More ...

    Dream from St. Petersburg V

    Honesty, the dream of something immortal and the small things in life make them happy. Why animal protection is important for Anna, why Alyona is accompanied by the moon and what the life of these young women is about, one can read here. More ...

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