Street Style

Street style in Tashkent

Fotoreportage von Dinara Bachritdinova

  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a design student
    I prefer buying clothes by Internet. I don’t really care about brands, I buy what I like. Most often, these are comfortable everyday clothes: H&M, Forever 21. I buy my own clothes. I rather rarely get clothes or footwear as gifts, as I trust only myself.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    Nigina and Shakhnoza
    Samarkand Darvoza is a mall in Tashkent where we most often buy clothes, shoes and everything you need for a new look. Forever 21, Reebok, H&M, Zara, Bershka are our favorite brands. Sometimes we order clothes by Internet. Of course, we buy accessories and impressive clothes from our local designers. Now I am wearing a skirt by the Tashkent designer Kanishka. We do not pay much attention to brands: we are more concerned about the way an outfit fits us or whether we like it. We have recently been to Moscow — that was our first trip outside Uzbekistan. Shopping in the Moscow shops was awesome!
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a student of the Westminster University
    I buy clothes abroad, as I have an opportunity of traveling there often thanks to my parents. The Tashkent fashion market does not attract me. Zara, H&M, and Bershka are the brands which occur most often in my wardrobe. I prefer the casual and sportive styles. If I like a certain thing, I can spend more on shopping than I planned before. I like dresses but they are occasional.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    an entrepreneur
    I buy clothes in the Tashkent Poytaxt mall. I am not interested in brands — I wear what I like. Normally these are affordable clothes made in Turkey or in China. My clothes are always in bright colors and are in a sportive style. My body architecture, which I have because of sports, allows me to wear narrow clinging clothes. My favorite color is red, as I like attracting attention.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a visitor to Tashkent
    I am from Moscow, and I am in Tashkent on business. I am quite satisfied with the Moscow malls. Of course, I can buy something abroad, if it is necessary. It is important for clothes and shoes to be comfortable and good for work. I stick to the business style and to the casual style. I prefer Zara clothes and leather accessories of quiet and neutral colors.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    Kristina und Mark
    Christina: my image is unthinkable without jewelry and accessories, in leather and the black color. I choose some jewelry myself and I try to look as unusual as possible. Let’s say, an earring reaching the floor or an earring turning into a necklace and then into a belt instead of a top — this is my style. I do not care about brands. I often get unusual and interesting things as gifts, and I can exchange some. Mini-shorts, an asymmetrical top, a long cardigan and all my decorations are what I would take with me on a spontaneous season trip. Plus a pair of sneakers.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    Kristina und Mark
    Mark: my life is connected with dancing and with the street art. Of course, this affects my image and my manner of dressing. I choose clothes and shoes which are comfortable for dancing, but fashion is a priority, anyway. I have recently returned from vacation which I spent in Taiwan, where I bought clothes. Soon I will go the neighboring country Kazakhstan, so I will definitely buy something. I mostly wear clothes from cotton and knitted wear. I like the grey and blue colors. For footwear, I prefer New Balance and Nike. As for accessories, I like leather and metal accessories: bracelets, pendants and rings. I often change my hairstyle and I am still completing my tattoo collection — tattoos are important elements of my image.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    an advertising agent
    What I wear long and all the time, no matter what the brands are, is designed in Germany and in the USA. This refers to sportive clothes, warm coats, overcoats, and shoes. For everyday wear, I prefer Vero Moda, Benetton, Motivi, Tom Tailor, Zara, and Promod. I wear underwear by Tommy Hilfiger, Pompea and H&M. I wear cotton and silk from Turkey and from India. I buy leather bags and wallets from the Uzbekistani brands Kanishka and Black Quail. I often wear fabric ecobags. Hats are pretentious, so I limit myself to hoods. I order silver jewelry with the local jewelry makers. I think one must buy what one really likes. If I don’t, the thing gets stuck in my memory! Two years have passed, and I still regret not having bought a luxurious khaki overcoat by Burberry in Brick Lane in London.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a student
    I buy clothes in the malls of Tashkent. I choose what I like, and I do not think about the brands and the country of origin. The most important thing is that I should like the clothes. I sometimes get presents from my relatives and close friends — they bring nice things for me from foreign trips. I order clothes from the Internet. My style is still being shaped, and I experiment. I have not yet found the accents, like shoes, a scarf, bags, or the green color.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a student of the Higher Choreography School
    If I wake up in a beautiful mood, I will rather wear bright clothes and interesting shoes. I choose and combine everything I wear myself. I read Internet magazines, as I am interested in fashion trends. Among the brands available in Tashkent, I prefer the Korean Core for their good collection of the petite size clothes. In mass market, I prefer H&M and Jennifer. I hope that my possibilities will drastically change in the future. I bring exclusive accessories from my trips. Now I am wearing a robot compass pendant – it comes from Paris.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a specialist in computer maintenance
    I buy high-quality clothes and shoes only in the USA or by Internet. My relatives often bring things to me at my request. Unfortunately, comfortable and really long-lasting clothes are hardly accessible in Uzbekistan. My everyday clothes are denim breeches and sneakers. My top part depends on the weather. I definitely like bright colors, like the violet and yellow colors. My hobby is BMX, and I ride the bike wearing Sole, Etnies, DC, and Nike. In accessories, a watch is the most important accessory for me. I am not a fashion freak: it is important for me what I wear.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a city resident
    Lakai, Air Jordan, DC, and Nike are the brands I prefer for clothes and shoes. My lifestyle is: relaxed, neat, soft and comfortable clothes. I do not imagine my urbanistic wardrobe without good shoes. I may be naked but I definitely need good comfortable shoes. The camouflage pattern is a must-have for me: even if I have a business meeting, camouflage will be somewhere: for example, it will be on my mobile phone cover.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a singer
    I prefer to do shopping in Almaty. In Tashkent, I prefer the Poytaxt mall and the Pink Island clothes shop. I like Bershka and Stradivarius. Sometimes I find something in Cotton. I like wearing clothes which my mother has made based on my design. My profession is dazzling, and the ability to surprise people is an important component of it. I can afford to wear bold chic clothes. As for accessories and jewelry, I often get them as gifts.
  • ©  Dinara Bachritdinova
    a student of the national university
    I choose clothes and shoes together with my mom, and we often shop when we travel abroad. Gucci, Chanel, D&G, DKNY are my favorite brands. I can buy basic things in Zara or Polo Ralph Lauren. I like everything that looks unusual and can point to my individuality. I avoid having clothes made. Of course, I prefer chic romantic looks.




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