The serpentine of Almaty skateboarding

Viktor Magdeyev

  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Skateboarding in Almaty has gone through a variety of stages. It all started back in the “noughties” when a few guys saw the first expats’ children skating and tried to repeat their tricks, even persuading them to sell their boards. The “old square” near the monument to Manshuk Mametova became the earliest skateboarding spot. Then the first major competition, Nokia Totally Board, took place, and Moscow skateboarders and BMXers inspired local youngsters with their skating. This competition inspired the first dozen skateboarders in Astana. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Since then, there have been many attempts to open skateboarding parks and hold major competitions. But the authorities remain deaf to all appeals, and there is still no decent skating space in Almaty financed by the government. Skateboarders continue to skate in the streets and develop a street style for their art. The guys aren’t downcast: they build ever more DIY spots, while videos available from Western countries are a great source of learning and inspiration. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    There are several popular skateboarding venues that split Almaty geographically into spots. These are the First President's Park in the west, the Ritz Palace Shopping Centre in the north, and the Medeu high-mountain skating rink which offers a private summer skateboarding park in separate grounds. Downtown there is the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, and in the centre we have captured a ground with a good tiled pavement and built a ledge near the Akimat building (the mayor's office): this is now the main space for skating. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    The best of the best skateboarders most often gather in the Ritz Palace spot, near the Doski Store, where there is a nice mini-ramp. In summer, this venue hosts competitions with barbecues.
    In general, skateboarding is a hobby for the guys: there are neither sponsors nor well-equipped parks. As a result, the level of skateboarding in Kazakhstan is a long way off even what is achieved in Russia. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev

  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Rustam Ayupov is doing a nose bonk up the stairs. He works in the marketing department of a bank. He usually skateboards after six in the evening and at weekends. Rustam is one of the best skateboarders in Almaty. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    At the same spot, Vanya Nosachev is doing a front blunt. Vanya is one of young skateboarders who managed everything with incredible ease. All of his tricks look very stylish and natural. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Maxim Sin is doing bs 360 no comply on the famous Almaty avenue in the Bayseitova Street. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Alexey Efimchenko, a veteran of Almaty skateboarding, is doing a powerslide on the mountain serpentine road leading to the Big Almaty Lake. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Alex has been skateboarding for more than 12 years. He is an active organiser of various skateboarding events, such as showings of the latest skate videos. Thanks to him, Emerica premièred its MADE Chapter 2 in Astana ahead of even the Moscow première. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    Alexey is doing an fs air and bs boneless on the ramp. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev
  • © Viktor Magdeyev
    A blonde named Maxim Sorokin is demonstrating a bs air. He is the most creative skateboarder, demonstrating his creativity not only through various hobbies (from drawing to film photography) but also in his skateboarding style: he does tricks like no one else. Photo: Viktor Magdeyev




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