Granite Busters

Gleb Benziowskij

  • 1
    The Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus. This is probably the most recognisable skateboarding spot anywhere in Minsk. Thanks to the reconstruction of the facade in 2009 we got new kinked rails and flights of ten steps on each side of the main stairway.
  • 2
    Grisha Krasnyakov is testing a kinked rail. The facade reconstruction has not only made tricks significantly more complex, but it has also drawn the attention of the theatre and city administration.
  • 3
    The monument to the famous Belarusian poet Maksim Bahdanovič is located near the Opera Theatre and serves as a neat manual spot. This spot is attractive primarily because it provides a good and convenient opportunity to practice technically complex manual combos and slides.
  • 4
    Grisha and Andrei Sosonko are walking in the park near the monument. Not so long ago this spot was occupied by skate stoppers. On the one hand, this forced many “granite destroyers” to leave, but, on the other hand, this made room for manual tricks.

  • 5
    Vanya Didenko is sitting in front of the Obelisk to Hero City Minsk. The obelisk is the city’s visiting card not only for tourists but also for skateboarders.
  • 6
    The spot used to have two levels: the pedestal of the obelisk itself and its lower part each connected to the other by long slopes. Here, skateboarders performed many, many tricks and wore away countless skateboard trucks.
  • 7
    After the construction of the Great Patriotic War Museum and the reconstruction of the whole centre, skateboarders were gradually squeezed out of the spot. Rollers and BMXers also suffered. The sign behind Vanya is clear evidence of this.
  • 8
    Andrey is sitting on a granite bench in State Flag Square. This is a very interesting and colourful spot that attracts a lot of skateboarders. Some call it the “Belarusian Barça” for its perfect facings and unique structures.
  • 9
    A perfectly smooth surface, excellent steps, and granite benches all contribute to attracting skateboarders. Sometimes you can skate here and get a couple of interesting shots.
  • 10
    The high administrative significance of this site is reflected by the ban on skateboarding, amongst other things. However, skateboarders occasionally manage to skate here and shoot something unusual and beautiful.




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