For a true skater the whole world may become a half-pipe. Here skaters show us their pictures with the best spots, the steepest ramps, and the coolest squares of their cities. Our footage shows us everything that makes living on a skateboard so special

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    Girls Can Skate

    [Berlin] Maria’s photos show that women all over the world are getting into skateboarding in search of freedom. Author: Maria Arndt.More ...

    When the Earth Seems to Be Light

    [Georgia] A series of photographs which document the skateboarding life in Georgia. Author: David Meskhi.More ...

    The serpentine of Almaty skateboarding

    [Kazakhstan] Portraits of the best of the best, meeting points and spots: Almaty introduces itself. Author: Viktor Magdeyev.More ...

    Granite Busters

    [Belarus | Minsk] Monuments made of granite and concrete and green parks. How does the city architecture influence the skateboarding in Minsk – a story of Gleb Bentsiovsky. More ...

    The Simple Joys

    [Russia] Briefly: about Pink Floyd, the injuries and the simple joys of a skater´s day in Krasnoyarsk. Author: Andrey Vladimirov.More ...

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