About Converter

About Converter

Converter is a platform for the culture and society of our time. Here young authors and photographers will find a place for all-round discussion of the themes of their everyday life. Converter is a site for the stories and opinions from the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. All the materials on Converter are equally important, as they provide the readers with an opportunity to consider a subject from different perspectives. Each publication will bring the readers to a new place — to Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Georgia, or Kazakhstan. The platform borrowed its name from informatics: just as a computer converter, it converts data into a new format, without changing their contents. All the stories on Converter will be told in English, Russian, and German. Thus, the young readers from Germany will also have an opportunity to have an idea of the lives of our authors – they will learn about their dreams and hopes, desires and fears, needs and achievements. Now Converter’s editorial board is in Novosibirsk. In two years’ time, it will move to the Goethe-Institute of another country of the region, to give the portal a new impetus for development.

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