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Ein Atem One Breath Genre: Drama | 100 minutes | Germany, Greece 2015
Age rating: from 16 years

Two women. A lost child. And one breath which unites both and decides about everything.

Because of the financial crisis in Greece, Elena decides to move to Frankfurt. It's only upon arriving in Germany that Elena learns she's pregnant, but her situation leaves no place for a child. On the contrary, Tessa, mother and manager, is torn between her professional role and motherhood. Elena needs money for the abortion, so she starts as a nanny for Tessa’s daughter Lotte. Despite a few struggles with 1½ year-old Lotte at first, Elena starts enjoying the time with the little girl and makes friends with Tessa. But one moment of inattention brings disaster upon everyone. Elena leaves Lotte unattended for a moment and the little girl disappears. In panic, Elena leaves Frankfurt and returns to Athens. Blind with grief and hatred, Tessa takes after her. "One Breath" is an intense and intimate drama about two women on the edge, but also a sensitive study about the life prospects in Europe that are increasingly drifting apart.
Christian ZübertChristian Zübert, was born in Würzburg in 1973. After his studies, he initially began working as a scriptwriter for television and later on also for cinema productions. He first directed the movie “Lammbock” in 2000, for which he also got known to a wider audience. His drama “Tour De Force” (orig. “Hin und weg”) about euthanasia has already been screened in Vietnam earlier this year.

Genre Drama
Country Germany, Greece
Year 2015
Director Christian Zübert
Script Christian Zübert, Ipek Zübert
Cast Jördis Triebel, Chara Mata Giannatou, Benjamin Sadler, Apostolis Totsikas, Nike Maria Vassil, Pinelopi Sergounioti, Mary Nanou, Akilas Karazisis
Length 100 minutes
Film trailer
Awards Nomination „German Film Awards“ 2016: best main actor Jördis Triebel
Festivals Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2015
Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2015