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Macho Man Macho Man Genre: Comedy | 98 minutes | Germany 2015
Age rating: from 16 years

To impress the girl of his dreams, Daniel decides to transform from wimp to macho.

Daniel is a wimp. Being cautious and clumsy, he hasn’t been very successful with women so far. On vacation in Turkey, he gets to know the female heart-throb Aylin who is interested in Daniel contrary to his expectations. Daniel is in seventh heaven. But he soon returns to earth with a bump when, back in Germany, he is introduced to Aylin’s family who just consider him a sissy. He decides to transform into a real macho man. Because that’s what women really want, right? Aylin’s brother Cem helps Daniel to become a “real man” – he gets him new clothes and takes him to Turkish clubs. With his refurbished masculinity he now gains the respect of Aylin’s family, but with unforeseen consequences regarding his beloved…
Christof Wahl Director Christof Wahl was a cameraman of famous German films like „Fack ju Göhte“ and “Keinohrhasen” amongst others. With “Macho Man” he realised his first movie as a director. His debut is based on the novel of the same name by Moritz Netenjakob.

Genre Comedy
Country Germany
Year 2015
Director Christof Wahl
Script Moritz Netenjakob, Roger Schmelzer
Cast Christian Ulmen, Aylin Tezel, Dar Salim, Axel Stein, Samuel Finzi, Nora Tschirner, Inez Bjørg David, Vladimir Burlakov
Length 98 minutes
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