Films 2015

The Dark Valley Western/Drama // 115 Min. // Germany, 2014

Director: Andreas Prochaska // Cast: Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti, Paula Beer
Age restriction: 16 years

Somewhere high up in the Alps, a lone rider makes his way along a hidden path and reaches a small village. This stranger goes by the name of Greider. Nobody knows where he is from and nobody wants him in the village, resulting in him being met with blatant distrust.

Greider introduces himself as a photographer and Brenner’s sons provide him with shelter for the winter at the house of Widow Gader and her young daughter, Luzi. Luzi is soon to be married to her sweetheart, Lukas, but is full of trepidation as the big day draws near because in this valley a wedding comes with a terrible tradition and whoever opposes this tradition will be subjected to a merciless punishment.

One day, when the village is cut off by snowfall and barely a ray of sunlight reaches the valley, a tragic accident occurs, killing one of Brenner’s sons. When another one of Brenner’s sons is mysteriously killed, it is clear that this is not a coincidence, which means that time has come for Brenner’s family to confront their long forgotten past…

  • Bavarian Film Award 2014: Best direction and best actor (Tobias Moretti);
  • German Film Award 2014: Best program filling feature film (Silver Lola Award), Best acting – male supporting role (Tobias Moretti), Best camera/ image design, best scenery, best costume design, best Makeup, best music original score, best sound editing;
  • Austrian Film Award 2015: best feature film, best direction, best camera, best costume design, best music original score, best scenery, best sound editing
Andreas Prochaska was born in 1964 in Vienna and grew up in Bad Ischl/Austria. When he broke up his studies in journalism and theatre science, he started to work as an assistant editor and cutter. Since his first success at cinema with “Die drei Posträuber” in 1998 Prochaska is working as a director for film and television. His films include „In 3 Tagen bist du tot“ (2006) and „Die unabsichtliche Entführung der Frau Elfriede Ott“ (2010).

For no eyes only Youth Thriller // 97 Min. // Germany, 2013

Director: Tali Barde // Cast: Benedict Sieverding, Luisa Gross, Tali Barde
Age restriction: 12 years

Due to a hockey accident, computer nerd Sam is forced to stay home with a broken leg. Just when he is about to die of boredom, he hits upon a hacking software that enables him access to external webcams. The shy teenager becomes a hidden voyeur and finds out everything about the intimate secrets of his classmates.

Aaron, for example, the mysterious new boy at school, apparently has serious issues with his father. When Sam observes Aaron hiding a knife in his room - and after the incident there is no trace of Aarons father - Sam becomes suspicious. Together with Livia, his classmate and secret crush, he tries to get to the bottom of the situation – but soon they end up in a precarious situation…


  • LUCAS Int. Childrens Filmfestival Frankfurt 2013: Youth Film Award;
  • Thriller!Chiller! Film Festival, Michigan USA 2013: Best Feature;
  • Grenzlandfilmtage Selb 2014: Audience award best feature film;
  • Augsburger Kinderfilmfest 2014: Best feature film – awarded by the pupil-jury;
  • Pula Film Festival, Kroatien 2014: Audience Award Youth Film Programe;
  • Final Cut Marburger Filmfest 2014: Best youth film.
Tali Barde was born in 1990 in Bensberg and was already interested in acting during his youth. After several short films the young actor, director and scriptwriter Tali realized „For no eyes only“ together with the film group of his former school. During the production process he founded the production company Avalon Film and recently finished his second film „Dot“.


Jack is a 10-year-old whose life in a fatherless home has given him maturity way beyond his years. He cooks dinner, looks after his little brother Manuel and fills most of the housekeeping gaps left by Sanna, his frequently absent and neglectful mother.

Whatever semblance of stability Jack knows is suddenly shattered and he’s placed in a state-run home. Following a tragic incident Jack runs away with his brother Manuel and embarks on a dangerous and disturbing journey across Berlin. The little boy must draw on everything he knows about the adult world to survive on the streets and find his mother.

Ivo Pietzcker gives an astonishing performance as this brave, scared, determined and amazingly resourceful boy, you’ll never forget.

  • German Direction Award Metropolis 2014: best film in cinema;
  • Bavarian Film Prize 2014: Best Newcoming Producers.
Edward Berger was born in 1970 in Wolfsburg. He studied direction at the NYU in New York City and finished his studies successfully in 1994. Afterwards he gained his first work experiences at the American independent producer Good Machine. For his first direction “Gomez” he also wrote the script. In 2012 his film “Ein guter Sommer” was awarded with the Grimme Preis.

Run Boy, Run! Drama // 107 Min. // Germany / France / Poland, 2013

Director: Pepe Danquart // Cast: Andy Tkacz, Elisabeth Duda, Itay Tiran u.a.
Age restriction: 16 years

. Run, Boy, Run! is the film adaption of the same-titled novel by Uri Orlev, which has been translated into 15 languages. The book tells the true story of an eight-year-old refugee, escaping from the ghetto of Warsaw. The protagonist is in a state of limbo during the occupation period, always depending on the goodwill of the people he meets on his way.

Academy Award winner Pepe Danquart staged this oppressive and impressive story of a boy who manages to be one step ahead of his pursuers for three years because of his courage and an incredible instinct for survival as an ode to life and humanity into chaos.

  • Filmfest Cottbus 2013: winner of the audience award;
  • German Film Award 2014: Nominations for best camera/image design, best scenery and best MakeUp
Pepe Danquart, born in 1955, studied Communication Science and was co-founder of the collective Medienwerkstatt. He taught at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin and has been lecturer at University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His short films and documentaries reflect German society, sports and political affairs. In 1994 he received an Oscar for the best short film with Schwarzfahrer (Black rider).

Not my Day Comedy // 110 Min. // Germany, 2014

Director: Peter Thorwarth // Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Axel Stein, Jasmin Gerat, Anna Maria Mühe, Ralf Richter, Nele Kiper
Age restriction: 16 years

It just isn’t Till Reiner’s day – or life! He’s in his mid-30s now and has worked as a teller at Osthofen Mutual Bank for 15 long years. While Till dreams of what might have been his ambitious wife Miriam has become a successful fashion designer. The zing has gone from their marriage but help is at hand – in a very roundabout way - when ex-con Nappo robs Till’s bank and takes him hostage. Several crossed wires later Till wrongly believes Miriam no longer loves him. Bonding with Nappo via their shared enthusiasm for heavy-duty rock’n’roll, Till decides he has nothing to lose and might as well join Nappo and his girlfriend Nadine on a risky but exciting job in Amsterdam. Strap in for a rollicking good crime-comedy-road movie with this motley crew of miscreants.
Peter Thorwarth was born in Dortmund in 1971. He started making films as a teenager on Super8 and video, before moving to Munich to study film and television. His other works include: Bang Boom Bang (1998), If it don’t fit, use a big Hammer (Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht, 2001), and The Wave (Die Welle, 2008, script).

Vampire sisters Family, Fantasy // 97 Min. // Germany, 2012

Director: Wolfgang Groos // Cast: Marta Martin, Laura Roge, Christiane Paul, Michael Kessler
Age restriction: 6 years

The whole world of the 12-year-old sisters Silvania and Dakaria, who are half human being, half vampire, is changing when they are moving with their parents from Transylvania to a small town in Germany. The twin girls have to suit to the everyday life of humans and hide their vampire identity. That means: They can only fly at night, they are not allowed to show their super power and under no circumstances the both girls can walk on the ceiling like usual!

Dakaria feels really strange at first and wants to go back to her former home. Silvania in contrast is enthused by getting to know the human life with all that belongs to it: a best friend, the right clothes and maybe some nice boys? Already the first day of school in the new hometown is filled with experiences and that is just the beginning of their adventure, as their neighbor is a vampire hunter…

Wolfgang Gross was born 1968 in Kassel. He studied in Berlin at the German Academy of Film and Television (dffb). He directed several episodes of the television series Freunde für immer (2006) and Rudi the Racing Pig (2008-2010). Hangtime (2009) was his first feature film, followed by Crocodiles: All for One (2011).

Who am I – No system is safe Thriller // 100 Min. // Germany, 2014

Director: Baran bo Odar // Cast: Tom Schilling, Elyas M’Barek, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Antoine Monot, Jr., Hannah Herzsprung, Trine Dyrholm
Age restriction: 16 years

Benjamin is a socially inept nobody. Max is handsome and charismatic. What these strangers have in common is computer hacking. After proving his skill, Benjamin is invited to join Max and his friends in a subversive hacker group. Identifying themselves as CLAY the gang carries out a series of spectacular attacks on political parties and even the ‘Federal Intelligence Agency’.

For the first time in his life Benjamin feels like he belongs to something. Benjamin now wants recognition and status in the shadowy corner of cyberspace where hackers communicate - “the Net inside the Net.” To achieve this he will need to impress MR X, reigning king of the hacking world. The road to MR X involves an extremely dangerous Russian group known as FRI3NDS. With European cyber police also on his trail, Benjamin and CLAY will need to execute the most brilliant of plans just to stay alive.

This pacy, exciting and visually striking cyber-thriller is a white-knuckle ride all the way to its wickedly clever conclusion.

  • Bavarian Film Prize 2015: Best Direction
Baran bo Odar was born in Switzerland in 1978 and studied directing at the University of Television & Film in Munich. His other works include short films such as Und wir suchen nach dem Glück (2002), Under the Sun (2006), and his successful feature debut The Silence (2010).

Inbetween Worlds Thriller // 98 Min. // Germany, 2014

Director: Feo Aladag // Cast: Ronald Zehrfeld, Moshin Ahmady, Saida Barmaki, Abdul Salam Yosofza, Burghart Klaussner, Felix Kramer
Age restriction: 16 years

Jesper is a soldier in the German army. Although his brother was killed whilst serving in Afghanistan, he nevertheless reports for a new tour of duty in this war zone. He and his unit are there to protect a remote village from the Taliban.

One of the people accompanying Jesper is a young interpreter, Tarik, whose job includes mediating between soldiers and villagers. Both sides have a hard time trying to overcome the differences in their respective ways of life. Jesper must gain the trust of both villagers and the allied Arbaki militia and his nerves are soon on edge. He finds himself increasingly morally conflicted as a result of his superiors’ orders. His association with the Germans means Tarik’s life is constantly under threat, but when Tarik begins to fear for his sister’s safety, Jesper has to make a decision.

  • 38. Mostra Internacional de Cinema, Brasilia 2014: Jury prize – Best feature film;
  • 3. Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, Spain 2014: Mohsin Ahmady "Best Actor Feature Film" and Judith Kaufmann "Best Cinematography''
  • Special award at the 5th church film festival Recklinghausen 2014
Feo Aladag uses this portrait of an ISAF soldier in Afghanistan to explore questions of affinity and otherness, trust and failure. How humane can your actions be if you are bound by the workings of a strict military bureaucracy? What remains of the ideals of human dignity when you are caught up in a daily struggle for survival?