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The Media Incubator Bucharest will focus on the condition and image of women journalists in Romania.

The purpose of the workshops in Bucharest is to highlight the different ways in which female and male journalists are treated. This concerns not only the discrepancies in their respective salary, but also the contrastive type of articles and reports they are employed to create, as well as the misogyny women journalists sometimes have to face.

By inviting both women and men to take part in the workshops, Goethe Institut Romania aims to educate young journalists on the status of the female journalist and hope to develop the right strategies to improve equality between the two genders in this field.  

The curator of the workshops will be Alexandra Tănăsescu, Romanian journalist with a background in television, who is also the founder and Editor in Chief of the independent journalistic platform „Cultura la Duba“ -, the main media partner for our project in Bucharest.

Both theoretical and practical workshops are set to be held from 14th of October to 17th.

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