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Although Bosnia and Herzegovina pays a lot of attention to the issue of education in the field of sensitive reporting on minorities and/or people in need, it stresses the need for more assistance in providing future journalists with resources and know-how in a practical sense.

The Goethe-Institut Bosnia and Herzegovina is, therefore, participating in the Media Incubator project by establishing a series of workshops for students who would learn and practically work together on producing stories in the field of socially responsible journalism. These would include stories on: Roma people, poor people, people with disabilities, people with special educational needs, migrants etc.

For this to be achieved, the project in Sarajevo will represent a combination of year-long activities for both a wider group of students and a separate one for 5 selected students.

On 5 May the wider group of students from Sarajevo's Faculty of Journalism already got to know the concept of socially responsible journalism through an online lecture by the German journalist Marion Kraske and through books bought for the library of the faculty. 

Now, the smaller group will begin crafting their articles/reports/videos. In July, Goethe-Institut Sarajevo will present the best 10-15 pieces of work.


05.05.2021 – lecture/online
Topic: Handling and interpretation of migration
Mentor: Marion Kraske, German Journalist
17.05.2021 - two workshops/online
Workshop 1:
Topic: What is a good story in general and what elements must it contain?
Mentor: Marija Arnautović, Radio Slobodna Evropa

Workshop 2:
Thema: Sources, information selection, writing and editing
Mentor: Seid Masnica, BHRT - State Television

Materials and results

Coming Soon...


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