Media Incubator

Final version of the MI Visual Billy Mateeva

The "Media Incubator" is an advanced training programme of the Goethe Institutes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia and Romania, which strives to help out students and prospective journalists who are particularly interested in responsible journalism and social reports on the subject of poverty and minorities.

The courage in journalism is sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular.

Geraldo Rivera

Project Participants

Rumaenien MI 2020 Visual Goethe Institut

14.10.2021 – 17.10. 2021

The Media Incubator Bucharest will focus on the condition and image of women journalists in Romania, by highlighting the different ways in which female and male journalists are treated. This concerns not only the discrepancies in their respective salary, but also the contrastive type of stories they are employed to cover, and the overall misogyny women journalists have to face.


ROMA - Between myths and change

In this edition of the program Little Stories by the Bulgarian National TV from 01/14/2022 you will see different perspectives on the life of some Roma in today's Bulgaria.

Despised and laughed at

Prejudices against Sinti and Roma are firmly anchored in our minds, says Radmila Mladenova in an interview for Chrismon magazine. Also because movies still reproduce them all the time.