Goethe-Découverte 2015

Surname: Elsa M'Bala
Artist name: Elsa M'Bala
Residence: Yaoundé
Show at the GI: 14.10.2015
Contact: info-yaounde@goethe.de

Elsa M’bala was born and grew up in Yaoun-de, the capital of Came-roon. She was 12 years old when her family moved to Eggenstein in Germany, where she went to school and learned various languages. After completing her studies, Elsa spent a few years travelling through Europe and frequenting the artistic spheres. With her guitar, she came back to Germany and started up her first performances.

  • Elsa M'bala 1 ©Y.Aboueme
  • Elsa M'bala 2 ©Y.Aboueme
  • Elsa M'bala 3 ©Y.Aboueme
  • Elsa M'bala 4 ©Y.Aboueme
  • Elsa M'bala 5 ©Y.Aboueme
  • Elsa M'bala 6 ©Y.Aboueme
  • Elsa M'bala 7 ©Y.Aboueme