Goethe-Découverte 2016

Surname: Frank Kemkeng Noah
Artist name: Frank Kemkeng Noah
Residence: Yaoundé
Show at the GI: 08.06.2016
Contact: info-yaounde@goethe.de

Born in 1992 in Yaoundé, Frank Kemkeng’s first encounter with drawing was at a very young age when he started to observe and copy the images from his schoolbooks. He decided to professionalize his passion and studied painting at the IFA (Institut de Formation Artistique de Mbalmayo). His path brought him to the Institut des Beaux-Arts de Foumban where he graduated in drawing and painting.

  • Frank Noah1 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah2 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah3 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah4 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah5 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah6 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah7 ©J.Gerbig
  • Frank Noah8 ©J.Gerbig