Goethe-Découverte 2017

Surname: Rashad Bechir Fall Kadher
Artist name:  Fall Kadher
Residence: Yaoundé
Show at the GI: 19.07.2017
Contact: sn9perfall@gmail.com

Rashad Bechir Fall Kadher became interested in dancing after watching Michael Jackson’s performances. In primary school, and then in secondary school, he participated in numerous school dances and specialized in Breakdance. After numerous amateur and professional performances, he joined Sniper Crew in 2005, with which he participated in significant national and international competitions.

  • Goethe-Découverte_Danse_Fall Kadher_737_1 ©Goethe-Institut/R.Bisse
  • Goethe-Découverte_Danse_Fall Kadher_737_2 ©Goethe-Institut/R.Bisse