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There is always something going on in German learning and teaching: Here you will find trendy music that is very suitable for learning or teaching, new scientific approaches that can be tried out in practice, information on new and/or recommendable websites or forums, events that are interesting for teachers and learners... We inform you about current trends in the field of learning and teaching German.

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The competition for the Day of Languages on 26.11.2022 under the slogan "Cameroonian Visionaries of History" has started.

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Fashion in Cameroon - a conclusion but no end...

At the end of 2020, a PASCH fashion competition was announced in all PASCH schools in Cameroon. Other secondary schools also received the call for entries and applied by submitting a drawing of a model they would like to produce using PASCH fabric by April 2021.

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African Visionaries

The jury has convened and the winners have been choosen. All of them are already informed by e-mail.

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PASCH – think professional!

Finally, we have reached the most expected phase. The 24 students selected for internship from July 1, 2020 to September 18, 2020 in thirteen Companies of Yaounde, are impatient to start.

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Digitalisation: a Challenge for the Future

This is the issue Mrs Thekla Worch-Ambara, the current director of Goethe-Institut Kamerun, addressed in her opening speech for the German language regional and national inspectors’ seminar.

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2nd place for Cameroon at the International German Olympiad

Congratulations, Eya'a Souga!
For the first time in the history of the International German Olympiad, a participant from Cameroon or Africa-Sub-Saharan has won second place in the A2 category!

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Article on Juku Youth Seminar

This year again, the best German students in Cameroon prepared themselves for scholarship to Germany.

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Conceive natural science through experiments

The Yaounde Goethe-Institut educative cooperation and the University of Bielefeld have organised on the 27th—28th February 2018 at Bafoussam and on the 2nd—3rd march 2018 at Yaounde two training seminars. 

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German clubs celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the Manengouba meeting

A dozen German clubs met, for the tenth time at the German club meeting of the Mungo region, in Nkongsamba. This year the hosting school was the Lycée de Nlonako. 

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The best German students in Cameroon 2018 have been announced!

On February 2, the 12 best German students in Cameroon were selected from the 23 finalists of the 2018 German Olympiad.

Prof.Dr.Kepplin ©Goethe Institut Kamerun

Prof. Karin Kleppin by the Goethe Institut in Cameroon

 On the 26th and 27th September 2017 the annual meeting of the secondary school ministry (MINESEC) for the consultants of the subject german, took place in Yaoundé. 

Evaluation Seminar245 © Goethe-Institut Kamerun

Evaluation seminar of the PAD& PASCH scholarships 2017

From the 12-15.october the evaluation seminar of the PAD& PASCH scholarships 2017 took place in Yaoundé. 15 adolescents aged 15 to 18, met for 3 days to talk about their experiences & observations in Germany.

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Vom 31. März bis zum 1. April 2017 nahmen 52 in Gabun tätige Deutschlehrer*innen an der zweiten landesweiten Fortbildung in der gabunischen Hauptstadt Libreville teil – unter dem Motto „Entwicklung der Schülerkompetenzen“.

Nosliw bei uns ©Marvin Menkouo

Nosliw bei uns

Der deutsche Reggae- und Dance-Hall-Sänger „Nosliw“ tourte auf Einladung des Goethe-Instituts vom 11. zum 27. November 2016 durch vier Länder in West- und Zentralafrika (Kamerun, Togo, Benin und Senegal).