Goethe-Découverte 2017

Surname: Farikou Bello
Artist name: Farikou Bello
Residence: Yaoundé
Show at the GI: 15.11.2017
Contact: farikoubello@gmail,com

Farikou Bello has been dancing since he was a child. From contemporary dance through the dances of Cameroon’s major cultural belts to hip-hop, Bello takes pleasure in exploring every universe that lies within the realm of possibility. His experience as a dancer within the Cameroon National Ballet for close to 10 years now has enabled him to travel the world over and further develop his repertoire.

  • Farikou Bello_Goethe-Decouverte_Danse_737 ©Goethe-Institut/Y.Aboueme
  • Farikou Bello_Goethe-Decouverte_Danse_737_2 ©Goethe-Institut/Y.Aboueme
  • Farikou Bello_Goethe-Decouverte_Danse_737_3 ©Goethe-Institut/Y.Aboueme
  • Farikou Bello_Goethe-Decouverte_Danse_737_4 ©Goethe-Institut/Y.Aboueme