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Franco-German Cultural Fund

The Franco-German Cultural Fund was set up in 2003 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty of friendship between France and West Germany. The fund promotes Franco-German cooperation by providing support for cultural and artistic projects in third countries. The German Foreign Office administers the fund in concert with the Goethe-Institut and Institut français.

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Conditions of Funding

professionals in culture and the arts in a third country who in concert with a diplomatic mission or cultural institution abroad are planning a joint project in a third country

We award grants to support joint cultural and artistic projects in any discipline carried out by diplomatic missions abroad and French and German cultural institutes working closely together with local actors.

  • The project should showcase the Franco-German partnership.
  • The project should lastingly strengthen ties between all the participants and have long-term impact abroad.
  • The project should be developed and implemented together with local participants, who are to make a financial contribution of their own to the project.

An application form and a financing plan must be submitted. Detailed information is available from the local Goethe-Institut or Institut français.

The applications are submitted through the German (or French) application portal.

The projects are subsequently examined by a panel of experts on both sides and assessed according to a common evaluation scheme. A binational selection committee then meets alternately in Paris and Berlin under the chairmanship of the two ministries in the course of December.

The necessary information is published in the latest call for proposals:

Next application deadline

24 October 2023 (2 pm MEZ)


Therese Hueber
Coordination of the head of Culture Division Tel. +49 89 15921-293

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