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Duy Nguyen (NO)

Duy Nguyen © Ayo Duy Nguyen is a Norwegian-Vietnamese artist. His works span photography, design, and video. His art practice explores how memories affect personal and collective experiences by researching himself. He sees his work as the reflection of his internal mind rather than the documentation of the outside world. His work moves on the border between archival photography, digital art, and performative act. 

Duy has exhibited at the Norwegian National Art Exhibition, PH21 Gallery Budapest, Collective Oslo, 706 Youth Space Beijing, and more. He has also received grants from the Norwegian Council of Arts. 

Duy is currently doing an artist residency at Paratissima in Italy – where he is developing a project together with the curatorial board to show at Liquida Photofestival in Turin.

  • Sinnsfragmentering Demo © Duy Nguyen
  • Sinnsfragmentering Demo 6 © Duy Nguyen
  • Sinnsfragmentering Demo 11 © Duy Nguyen
  • Sinnsfragmentering Demo 3 © Duy Nguyen
  • Sinnsfragmentering Demo 5 © Duy Nguyen
  • Sinnsfragmentering Demo 8 © Duy Nguyen

About his work, Duy says: »I went to my mom's house after her death. I found multiple image frames that used to hold precious family photos. Unfortunately, these photos were removed from the frames to save storage space. As I looked at the
empty frames, they gave me massive deja-vu. I knew what these frames used to host, but at the same time, I could not pinpoint exactly which photo belonged to which frame. Every time I revisited a memory – it changed. As time passed; I could no longer tell the truth from fantasy. 

During my residency at LIA; I want to explore and reconstruct my childhood and family memories through a mixture of subjective recollections and imagination. Originally I wanted to fill those original frames with new images, but now I want to take my time in Leipzig to expand my project by exploring more mediums, including printmaking, video, and installations.«
Duy Nguyen