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Martin Stråhle (SE)

Martin Stråhle Portrait © Martin Stråhle Martin Stråhle from Sweden is based in Bergen, Norway, and is mainly working with painting and its materiality. He is also interested in the relationship which painting has to other mediums like textile, sculpture and performance.

Stråhle has a Master’s degree from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Lately, he has been working with painting in a more performative and physical way. He has moved his studio out to the mountains and forests surrounding Bergen, where he feels his painting process brings him closer to the materials.

  • Martin Stråhle work 1 © Martin Stråhle
  • Martin Stråhle work 2 © Martin Stråhle
  • Martin Stråhle work 3 © Martin Stråhle

Martin Stråhle will bring his paintings from the forest to Leipzig. During his stay there, he wants to connect his plein air way of painting with the possibilities that will show up in the new studio.

Martin Stråhle