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Meik Brüsch

Meik Brüsch Photo (Detail): Harald Holst Meik Brüsch is an autodidactic artist, who holds a master’s degree in European ethnology.

He works with a range of materials and mediums from his studio in Copenhagen. Painted sculptures made from wood and clay illustrate the principal artery of his artistry. These works are complimented by further ceramic sculptures, paintings, and prints.

Meik Brüsch was the first person from his family to graduate from high school with a diploma. Despite this scholastic breakthrough, his heritage is layered with generations of creative abilities. His father was known for his sword swallowing performances, while his mother was a squatter and trained blacksmith proficient in metalwork and pottery among other forms of handicraftsmanship.
Meik Brüsch in his workroom Meik Brüsch in his workroom | Photo: Harald Holst
A profile by art blogger Connie Boe Boss describes Brüsch, stating that “by all means [he] is a special and different artist whose works express some profound thoughts on life and humanity.“. According to Boss, Brüsch’s work is difficult to describe if it is not in front of the viewer, furthermore she states that: “inventiveness and the joy of the process are two words I associate with him – of course, also his humour and ideology in the cryptic mind of a sensitive multitalent.”

Meik Brüsch