Water in Ethiopia

Water in Ethiopia © Andy Spyra

Water is a precious resource and in many places, including Ethiopia, a scarce commodity. It is also a topic with immense social relevance.

Initiated by the Goethe-Institut in Addis Abeba in 2022, “Water in Ethiopia” is a long-term project that experiments with visual storytelling to highlight Ethiopian stories surrounding water and promote the significance of the topic. It supports seven young photographers from diverse backgrounds to learn engaging storytelling by way of workshops and field work in Ethiopia between 2022 and 2023 in close cooperation with Andy Spyra a German photojournalist whose work, often shot in black and white, has been showcased around the world.

The Water in Ethiopia project consists of three stages:

In the first stage the photographers were familiarised to the ways of storytelling through an introductuory Photoworkshop 
The second stage took place in form of a Solo Exploration ending with an Online Exhibition
The third and final stage will be a field trip in Bahir Dar together with the photographers and Andy Spyra in which the photographers can once again go out by themselves and experiment with the camera.

A short biography of the selected photographers can be found here: 

Abenzer Tefera 
Ashenafe Mestika 
Bemnet Fekadu 
Carlo Ertola
Dawit Teshome
Mekdes Ababu                              
Mikiyas Alemayehu