Individual Courses Online

You set the start date of your course yourself and can adapt your individual learning rhythm to your personal schedule.

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Individual course Budapest
  • Dates and times arranged individually
  • Tailor-made
  • Personal support

We can also arrange tailor-made tuition on a one-to-one basis or for small groups. Lessons are built around your specific needs and objectives.

1 lesson takes 45 minutes (you can have double lessons at a time etc.)
1 lesson costs 8.600 HUF


From 20 lessons
5% discount, each lesson cost 8.200,-HUF
20-lesson-course with discount costs 164.000,- HUF

From 40 lessons
10% discount, each lesson cost 7.800,- HUF
40-lesson-course with discount costs 312.000,- HUF

From 60 lessons
From 60 lessons 15% discount, each lesson cost 7.400,- HUF
60-lesson-course with discount costs 444.000,- HUF

The fee of the course books is not included in this price.