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Placement Test

Online Placement Test

Through the placement test we find out what previous knowledge you have, set a learning goal together with you and choose a suitable course for you.

The online placement consists of three parts:
1. an online multiple choice test, 
2. a 10-15 sentence essay,
3. a short online conversation via zoom.
Once your written assignment has been received, we will contact you by e-mail to arrange an appointment for for a quick assessment of your speaking capabilities. After you have finished all parts, our teacher will inform your appropriate level for booking a course.

Minimum age for the test: 16 years

  • individual placement in the appropriate course level
  • precise result, e.g.: A 1.2, B 2.1
  • free of charge

Quick Test

The Quick Test gives you a first orientation about your existing German language skills. During the test, you will go through various tasks in which your reading comprehension will be tested and your grammar and vocabulary skills will be assessed.

If you would like to attend a course at the Goethe-Institut, this test is not sufficient. In this case, please take the online placement test.

Does not replace the online placement test.

  • approximate assessment of your German language skills
  • duration: 15-20 minutes
  • free of charge