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Contact and information

drei Personen sitzen vor einem Fenster, die mittlere Person hat einen weißen Laptop, alle drei schauen auf den Bildschirm und lächeln. Foto (Ausschnitt): Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias
Are you interested in one of our language courses? You are welcome to contact us and ask for our advice. Currently, you can reach our colleagues in the Language Course Office by email or phone.

Solidarity with Ukraine

Громадянам України, які виїхали з України та перебувають наразі в Угорщині, пропонуються безкоштовно вільні місця, які залишилися, на наших курсах (рівні A1-C2). Контакти та інформація – Ґете-Інститут в Угорщині (Goethe-Institut Ungarn).

For Ukrainian citizens who had to leave Ukraine and are currently staying in Hungary, we offer remaining places free of charge in our courses. If you are interested, please fill in the online placement test so that we can secure places for you in the online blended learning intensive courses and in the face-to-face courses. At the same time, please write us an email (English, Hungarian, German) informing us of your interest and also attaching a copy of your passport sprachkurse-budapest@goethe.de 
Dates and prices


Language Office
Judit Berecz
Johanna Szőnyi

Ráday utca 58
1092 Budapest
Tel. +36 1 3232314, +36 1 3232313

Tuesday: 10:30 - 13:30
Thursday: 14:00 - 17:00

You can also contact us via email and phone.
Book a free online placement test. It is made up of two parts: Test, short interview via skype or zoom.
 Book a placement test

Registration without a placement test
  • if you are absolute beginner (A1.1) Select and book your course directly in the course finder 
    Dates and prices
  • if you have already attended a German course at us and we therefore know your level of knowledge select and book your course directly in the course finder 
    Dates and prices or write us an e-mail
  • if you have completed a placement test within one year.
Through a placement test and an interview we find out what your previous knowledge is and which course is suitable for you.
The placement test consists of two parts: a written one (online) and an oral one, which is conducted or online via zoom or skype.

Taking the test is free of charge.

Step 1
Please register for the placement test in our Webshop.

Step 2
After registering for the placement test, you will receive an automatic notification with a link and access code to the written part of the placement test.

Please take the test. Your result will automatically be sent to the Goethe-Institut.

Step 3
When we have received the result of your placement test, we will send you an e-mail with a link to an online form where you can choose the date for the oral part of the placement test.

We ask you to select the oral part of the placement test at least 2 days before the selected test date.

If you wish, we will also be happy to issue you with an official language certificate of your test result (fee: 5000 HUF).
Trimester dates 2022

Winter session / 1. Trimester:   09 January - 24 March 2023 Spring session / 2. Trimester:   27 March - 16 June 2023
Summer session: 19. June - 08. September 2023
Fall session / 3. Trimester: 18. September - 6. December 2023
Holidays (no lessons) 
  • 15 March 2022, Tuesday, National holiday
At the beginning of the course, course participants will be informed in writing of the days on which the lessons will take place.

Course type


Prices 2023

Online Blended Learning Courses with 60 TU
  110 000,- Ft*
Online Blended Learning Courses 4 weeks with 60 TU    
Face to face courses with 60 TU
  110 000,- Ft*
Online Group Course with 60 TU   77 500,-Ft
Conversation Course with 12 TU   18 000,-Ft
Exam Preparation Courses (B2, C1) with 24 TU
  50 000,- Ft*
Graduation Preparation Course with 40 TU   60 000,- Ft*
Online Specialised Courses
  25.000,- Ft*
Online or onsite Individual Courses/TU
  10.600,- Ft*
Courses for young people with 30 TU
  50 000,-Ft*
Online Individual Career Advice (2 TU)    16.800,-Ft*


  • Bank transfer
  • Please transfer the course fee once the Language Course Office has confirmed your course.


  • Please inform us at the time of making the payment if you need a Hungarian invoice about paying the course fee / exam fee. It is not possible to request an invoice after the course has started / after the exam. Our course fee / exam fee is payable without VAT.
  • Invoices can only be made out in the names of the course participants or exam participants.      
  • Companies may receive an invoice if they act as third party payers and undertake to pay the fee for the course participant / exam candidate.


Loyalty discount: 5% for all current course participants who register for the subsequent courses and pay the course fee.
Family discount: 10%, if more first-degree family members attend a course at the same time, one family member pays the full course fee, and the other family members receive a 10% discount from their courses. Please inform the language course office before booking the course.
If a third party pays for the course, e.g. a company, please sign up for the course directly at the Language Course Office and provide the payer's details on the same day.
For procedural reasons, the Goethe-Institut may only issue an invoice to the payer of the service. Payment must be made by the payer (company). The invoice will be issued after payment and sent electronically.

Frequently asked questions

Learning is an individual process. How much time you need to attain a certain level depends on various and individual factors: your commitment, your time input, and your taking advantage of additional practice resources.

Should you already have studied one or more languages, you may learn German faster. It makes a big difference if you participate in a language course in your home country or in Germany, where you will be exposed to the German language outside the classroom.

As a rough guideline, we estimate it will take the following amount of instruction to complete each language level:

A1 : approx. 60-150 hours (80-200 TU*)
A2 : approx. 150-260 hours (200-350 TU*)
B1 : approx. 260-490 hours (350-650 TU*)
B2 : approx. 450-600 hours (600-800 TU*)
C1 : approx. 600-750 hours (800-1000 TU*)
C2 : approx. 750+ hours (1000+ TU*)

* TU = Teaching Unit; a teaching unit consists of 45 minutes of instruction.

Learn more about the CEFR Language Levels A1-C2
The Goethe-Institut is the official cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. This means that we focus only on German language and culture. We teach German 100% in German and in doing so offer a completely immersive experience. Our instructors teach with modern and innovative methods that are effective for language learning. These methods create classes that are entertaining, interactive, communicative and fun. Our classrooms are equipped with modern technology - smartboards instead of blackboards. At the Goethe-Institut Budapest, we offer you a flexible learning experience: we offer not only classic face-to-face instruction, but also online learning or a combination of both (online Blended Learning). We offer the format that is right for you - no matter how busy your lifestyle is.
If you have never studied German before, start at level A1.1. You can book a class online or get in touch with the language office.

If you have previous knowledge of German but are unsure which level is right for you, we welcome you to take our placement test. Take the written part of the placement test online. For a brief oral assessment, one of our teachers will give you a call during our assessment times Tue, Wed and Thu between 4pm and 6pm.

Book your placement test
To ensure quality and consistency, courses may only be attended by students who are officially enrolled in that course. If you are already enrolled in a course, you may switch into a different course being held in the same semester up until the end of the third session of the course (subject to availability and administration fee).
Our German program is offered on 6 main levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Each level is divided into sub-levels:
A1.1 & A1.2
A2.1 & A2.2
B1.1 & B1.2 & B1.3
B2.1 & B2.2 & B2.3
C1.1 & C1.2 & C1.3
You start with sublevel x.1 and progress to the next higher sublevel after completing a course.

If you have no prior knowledge of German, you will start at A1.1.
Please visit the site for the Goethe-Institut Germany for more information.
The Goethe-Institut teaches German according to the immersion method, which means we strive for our courses to be as much in German as possible. Don't panic! We have decades of experience in over 150 locations worldwide with this method - we know you will succeed!
All teachers at the Goethe-Institut Budapest are either native speakers or are required to demonstrate a level of C2 proficiency in the German language. In fact, non-native speakers who mastered the German language are a wonderful source of inspiration for learners and they can give you a first hand insight perfecting your practice.
Unfortunately, this is not always possible as a minimum number of participants is required. This minimum also depends on the type of course. In addition, other organisational reasons may cause cancelling of the course.
We will send you information, if a course that has already been paid for has to be cancelled before it starts. Should this happen, we will try to propose an alternative solution or we will refund the course fe
In order to access some of the Goethe-Institut's online services, such as the learning platform, it is necessary to register on the portal MEIN GOETHE. You can find out how to do this in our short film.
HalloLehrer Ungarn © Goethe-Institut

#HalloLehrer*in (DE)

Our series # HalloLehrer * in introduces you to teachers of the Goethe-Institut Hungary.

Online Hackathon “The Climate Challenge” © Lena Ziyal

Goethe-Stammtisch (DE)

We invite friends of the German language to our "Goethe-Stammtisch". At each appointment you can talk about an exciting topic.

Online tanácsadás német tanfolyamok © Getty Images

Sprechstunde Sprachkurse (DE)

In the online consultation hour you can ask all questions about our courses.


The Goethe-Institut Budapest has the opportunity to award grants for language courses at one of the Goethe-Instituts in Germany to the following target groups:

Test your German

Test how „gut“ your German is: Are you just starting out, pretty good or really great? This test gives you a first orientation. 


Die Karte bietet zahlreiche interessante Vergünstigungen in Budapest.