Dates and Registration

A hand with a green pen filling out a form. Photo: Goethe-Institut/Bettina Siegwart
From now on you can book your German exam online only. This is how it works: go to the desired exam, book, register and pay for your exam after receiving the booking confirmation.

The exam fee can be paid by bank transfer. In the case of bank transfers, the date on which the money is received in the Goethe-Institut account applies.

Please note that if the examination fee is not received by the deadline, your registration will not be processed and a new registration will be required.
After registering, please transfer the exam fee to the bank account of the respective exam centre. When making the transfer, please make sure to include the following data in the subject field: name, location of the test and type of test (e.g. B2).

Goethe-Institut Budapest
10918001-00000415-57700016 / UniCredit Bank
IBAN: HU75 1091 8001 0000 0415 5770 0016 

Modimo Okt. és Szolg. Bt (Dialóg Nyelviskola és vizsgacentrum) Nagykanizsa
14100134 - 11665049 - 01000007

Deutsches Kulturforum Debrecen

SZÁMLASZÁMA: 11731001-23135378
IBAN: HU88117310012313537800000000
Kedvezményezett: Pécsi Tudományegyetem

Pannon Egyetem Veszprém számlaszáma:
      10300002-10802153-00014904 (MKB Nyrt)
Please inform us at the time of making the payment if you need a Hungarian invoice about paying the course fee / exam fee. It is not possible to request an invoice after the course has started / after the exam. Our course fee / exam fee is payable without VAT.

Invoices can only be made out in the names of the course participants or exam participants.       Companies may receive an invoice if they act as third party payers and undertake to pay the fee for the course participant / exam candidate.

Withdrawal from the exam

If you cancel your exam before the deadline, you will receive a full refund. The already paid examination fee is non-refundable after the deadline. In this case a fee in the amount of       5.000,- HUF will be charged.
Withdrawal after the start of the examination is not possible.
The examination fee paid by a candidate who has applied for an examination but has not taken it will be forfeited if the candidate does not make use of the possibility to withdraw. You can only register for another examination if you have paid the examination fee again
In all cases, the refund will be transferred back to the bank account of the person who paid the fee.
(AGB 3./1.)

Postponing the exam

If you are unable to attend an exam, you may request a postponement of the examination once: you may, on request and subject to a postponement fee (5.000,-HUF), postpone your examination until the examination period following the 5th calendar day preceding the examination at the latest. Send your request online to Once postponed, the exam cannot be postponed again and the previously paid exam fee cannot be refunded. 
(AGB 4.)

In case of illness

If you are unable to attend the exam due to illness, please notify us by email, even / at the latest on the morning of the exam. The examination fee will be credited to the next examination date upon presentation of a medical certificate. The exam will then be considered as postponed and can be cancelled, but the exam fee cannot be refunded.
(AGB 3./2.,7.)