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Spotlight Iraq

“Spotlight Iraq” supports projects of Iraqi culture professionals in view of their key role in shaping the prospects of Iraqi society, which is undergoing a profound political and social transformation. Culture professionals make a vital and inspirational contribution to identity discourse and dialogue in a diverse society.

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KolkataGoethe-Institut / Martin Waelde

The access of cultural projects in and from Iraq to funding is a basic requirement for the country’s cultural landscape to flourish. The project “Spotlight Iraq” aims to facilitate the access to direct financial start-up support, by offering female and male Iraqi artists grants that are not conditioned on foreign language proficiency and international expertise, and have a low-threshold application process. Seeking to enable the implementation of creative projects across ethnic and cultural boundaries, culture professionals from all over the country are called upon to apply with their artistic or cultural projects. Initiatives that critically address concepts of cultural identity and promote civil society dialogue are herein of particular interest. 

In addition to providing financial support, the project aims to enhance networking efforts between Iraqi culture professionals, as well as their training and qualification. Beneficiaries of the funding receive tailored capacity-building training to develop their competencies in cultural management, networking, and civic participation. At the same time, they gain access to an online platform to use for exchange and the presentation of projects.

Spotlight Iraq is a project of the Goethe-Institut and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


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