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The key visual of "metttazzzine" shows six young people. They seem to have diverse backgrounds and appear relaxed. Two of them are in the foreground and are using their smartphones. Between the two people is written: "Who are we on social media?"© Goethe-Institut Tokyo

Exploring digital identities and transnational experiences
metttazzzine & metttafestival

Who are we on social media? Following the idea that identities are being created through narrating them, the Goethe-Institut in East Asia explores this question until the end of 2022. Instagram magazine metttazzzine features interviews with digital natives while metttafestival combines scientific and artistic explorations of the topic.

Tickets for metttafestival: https://goethe-tokyo.peatix.com/



The hybrid festival as reflexive counterpart of metttazzzine will take place on October 1&2 at BUoY in Tokyo's Kitasenju district and will bring together academic and artistic positions. Large parts of the symposium will be broadcast with the support of other Goethe-Instituts in East Asia and South East Asia to enable cross-regional participation.

Partner Tokyo College, the interdisciplinary think tank of the University of Tokyo, will present current research on identity topics in dense, entertaining formats and relate these to the interviews from metttazzzine as well as to the artistic contributions on site. The closing talk "Narrating Identities" will reflect the festival by illuminating how identities are created through narrative processes on digital platforms. The artistic contributions under the curatorial direction of aliwen enrich the reflection of digital identities and transnational experiences with further facets.


How do young people on transnational life paths narrate their identity in social media? How do they use digital technology and the platforms to do so? What are the positive and negative impacts of a performance in the digital realm on individual identity developments?

The Instagram magazine @metttazzzine seeks answers to these questions by combining interviews and multimedia fragments into a colourful kaleidoscope of digital, transnational biographies. These are posted weekly.

metttazzzine features digital natives from the fields of art, activism, and media who live between Asia and Germany and who use social media in innovative and creative ways. Their networks are connected through the project and they will carry the topics of metttazzzine back into their own communities. The magazine also aims to put the great added value of transnational experiences between cultures into the spotlight.

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About the project

metttazzzine and metttafestival are transregional projects under the lead of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo in cooperation with nine other Goethe-Instituts in East Asia and South East Asia. Our partner is Tokyo College, the interdisciplinary think tank of the University of Tokyo.


Rei Watanabe