Living and working in Germany

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Have you decided to live in Germany permanently, for professional or private reasons? You will need German language skills and up-to-date information about life in Germany. The Goethe-Institut offers you quality support to best prepare you for a successful life in Germany.

Our offer

Personal advice and consultation

We offer personalised advice online and appointments at the Goethe-Institut. Consultation topics include information about German everyday life and working culture, language proficiency and proof thereof and exit procedures when leaving the country.

You can register for an appointment by e-mail or telephone:
☎ 020 2211381

Information sessions

Our information sessions provide information about living and working in Germany. Additional topics such as language proficiency and proof thereof, recognition of qualifications and certificates, health and school systems and visa processes etc. are also explained. You can ask questions and find out about additional information sources and partners.

Next date:
  • 29th February 2024, 2pm - 4pm. 
Other events:
  • “Ask us Anything” - February 14th, 1pm - 2pm EAT (ONLINE)
  • Information Session, Topic: Job application, 29th Feb. 2024, 2pm - 4pm EAT. (ONLINE), Speakers: Monika Stahl and Sinead O'Brien from Welcome Center TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe
  • Virtual Tour of Bremen and Hamburg, 29th Feb.2024, 12noon and 7pm
  • Virtual Tour of Saxony-Anhalt, 10th April, 12noon and 7pm

You can register for the events via this link:

Intercultural workshops

Experiencing different cultures, may cause uncertainty and frustration at first.  To live a fulfilling life in a foreign society, you need to build and maintain trust in the community.  Certain societal rules and norms need to be considered which are often unclear and confusing.  Our intercultural workshops address these cultural differences, promote self-awareness and provide you with essential skills to ensure a successful work and social life in Germany.

Workshops on learning and exam strategies

To take up employment in Germany, you need a certain level of German skills and to provide proof thereof. In our learning and exam workshops, we equip you with necessary strategies and support to ensure you are properly prepared for the various exams offered by the Goethe-Institut.


Online offers by the Goethe-Institut

Useful Links

Make it in Germany

The portal for international experts offering comprehensive information on living and working in Germany.

This portal provides tips and information about work and study and addresses current topics in Germany and abroad.


Start your career in Germany - with recognised qualifications through the ProRecognition Service.


This database provides information on educational certificates in classifying foreign qualifications in the German education system.

Visas and entry

On the website of the German Embassy Kenia you will find information about different visa options, requirements and procedures for applications.

My life in Germany

Young people talk about their first steps in Germany, about their work, about their free time and their plans for the future.


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