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Newsletter December 2023

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Season's Greetings


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We wish you

a peaceful and meaningful holiday season!

Goethe-Institut Myanmar wishes you tranquil moments and heartfelt reflections during this special season. Gratitude abounds for the collaboration and shared experiences throughout the year. May the coming days bring serenity and a gentle sense of fulfillment.


Sundowner Catch de White Dove

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Sundowner Musical Gathering

We would love to invite you to our "Sundowner Musical Gathering".

Let’s spend a December evening with an acoustic music performance. This event will be held on December 1 (Friday) at 6:30 PM at Goethe Café Yangon. The performers are "Catch De White Dove" unplugged.

Join us and enjoy the music. Free Entry!
Curatorial Project: Exhibitions

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Expanded Curatorial Practice and Exhibition Making Training

Project Exhibitions

The curatorial teams from the Expanded Curatorial Practice and Exhibition Making Training organized by Goethe-Institut Myanmar continue to hold exhibitions in various art galleries in Yangon. You can read more about the exhibitions on our website.
Incubator Program

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Myanmar Photo Archive

Incubator Program

Exciting news from the Myanmar Photo Archive and Goethe Institute! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Incubator program for visual artists, gallery owners, curators, and representatives from various art organizations in Myanmar.

This program is the first series across different parts of Myanmar. Our primary objective within this incubator program is to collectively brainstorm and explore the potential for exhibitions, publications, online platforms, and social media presentations of artworks so that they are beneficial for the artists and also feasible for the people.

The concept for this incubator program was conceived following a successful grant program we orchestrated, granting an opportunity to 45 writers and visual artists to reimagine Myanmar's visual history.

Stay tuned for further updates and insights.
Goethe's Christmas Bazaar

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Goethe’s Christmas Bazaar

The Goethe-Institut Myanmar is organizing "Goethe’s Christmas Bazaar" on Sunday, December 3, from 10 am to 6 pm.

The main purpose of this event is to treasure arts and crafts, promote local small businesses, and encourage an initiative that connects groups and organizations with shared goals of promoting zero plastics and environmental sustainability.

Our bazaar will showcase arts and various local products, ranging from clothing and handcrafted items to jewellery and food stalls.

Additionally, visitors with children can participate in a Christmas-themed seasonal craft activity at the Goethe-Institut Myanmar Library.

We invite you, your family, and your friends to join us at Goethe's Christmas Bazaar and show your support for local products.
"Talking Types" - Meet up

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"Talking Types" - Meet up

We are thrilled to announce the launch of "Talking Types", a monthly gathering where type designers and enthusiasts come together to delve into all aspects of type design and typography. Burmese type designers, renowned for creating prominent Burmese fonts and regularly sharing their expertise in type design and typography via social media, will attend the meetup. These meetings will take place every second Saturday of the month.
AOC program information

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Program Information

Academy of Care

Initiated by the Goethe-Institute Myanmar with funding support from the Netherlands Embassy, the inaugural phase of the Academy of Care, a two-month program, commenced on November 28, 2023. The program is structured into four phases:

Phase 1 kicks off with two seminars on mental health, empathy, psychological first aid, trauma, and stress management, along with site visits in Yangon.

Phase 2 includes two weeks of field research in your chosen community and one-on-one mentorship during the research.

Phase 3 involves an in-depth evaluation of individual experience, emphasizing biopsychosocial approaches, empathetic communication, and the development of community theater practices.

In Phase 4, local, regional, or international experts and experienced trainers introduce participants to creative practices such as music therapy. This phase includes hybrid lectures, one-day seminars, interactive workshops, and presentations.

Applications were accepted from all corners of Myanmar until the deadline on November 5. The shortlisted applicants underwent a step-by-step interview process conducted by trainers. Ultimately, we have decided to award 10 full scholarships to individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Additionally, there are plans for more training sessions throughout the two-year program period.

We eagerly anticipate the enriching contributions and personal growth of our esteemed participants in the Academy of Care.
Meet the MPA

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Wrap up

Meet the MPA

Last Saturday night, MPA made a comeback after three years, thanks to the amazing support from Goethe-Institut Myanmar. At "Meet the Myanmar Photo Archive," we delved into our past, present, and future activities, showcasing incredible artworks from our Open Call program. 

With around 90 attendees, the event was buzzing with discussion around MPA’s archival materials and previously produced books. Thanks to everyone who joined us; your support means the world to the Myanmar Photo Archive!


Seasonal Craft Activity

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar



The Children and Youth Program will be held this time on December 3rd on the "Christmas Bazaar" day. A "Seasonal Craft Activity", which children love, and Christmas is around the corner, will be engaging in craft activities with a Christmas theme. Together with our children's creations, we will make adorable Christmas ornaments and decorate the Christmas tree.

The activity will be divided into two parts so that everyone can participate. Everyone is welcome to join our "Christmas Bazaar" Event. We look forward to seeing you there.
Board Game Friday Christmas

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It is almost Christmas day. Since the Christmas season is about to arrive, this month's Board Game Friday will feature a special Christmas-themed game with a festive atmosphere. Let's expand our German vocabulary with Christmas-related words by guessing them based on your chosen cards and answering the quizzes.

Anyone interested in learning German words related to Christmas and their pronunciation is welcome to join in the fun.
Chrsitmas Media Collection

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Media Collections for Christmas

Let's listen to Christmas songs, read story books for children, and make our own Christmas cookies during Christmas. We have listed some of the media available in the library and at the digital library "ONLEIHE" so that all these can be easily selected and viewed in one place.

Let's get through the Christmas holidays while exploring our media collections.

#Kinderweihnacht available at “ONLEIHE”
# Let's Make Christmas Cookies available at "ONLEIHE"
#Weihnachtsbücher" available at the library
LeseClub Dec

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar


This time, we arranged the Reading Club, especially for A1 Learners. Join us for a great time with friends, where we will explore a variety of easy reader books and expand our vocabulary.
Due to the limited number of seats, if you want to register, please enroll via 01 9376160 (ext.301/302) during the library’s opening hours or via email: 
Lernberatung Dec

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Empowering Your Learning Journey:

The “LEARNING ADVISORY” Program at the Library

Are you eager to improve your language skills and embark on a journey to master the German language? Our ’’Learning Advisory Program’’ is here to guide and support you on your learning journey, and the best part is, it’s absolutely free of charge. Our program is designed to cater to individuals of all language proficiency levels, and our teachers are here to assist you every step of the way!

Enroll now and participate in our free Learning Advisory Program for your German learning needs: 
New arrivals C2

©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

"New arrivals for C2 learners (DaF C2)”

Continuing this month, we are excited to share some great news about the arrival of new DaF C2 level books for German learners. 

Come and explore our newly arrived books to enhance your German language skills. 


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