"Talking Types" - Meet up

"Talking Types" - Monthly Gathering ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

We are thrilled to announce the launch of "Talking Types", a monthly gathering where type designers and enthusiasts come together to delve into all aspects of type design and typography. Burmese type designers, renowned for creating prominent Burmese fonts and regularly sharing their expertise in type design and typography via social media, will attend the meetup. These meetings will take place every second Saturday of the month.

The idea for Talking Types originated from a casual meeting with Burmese type designers and a German type designer, who shared a common interest in discussing type design and typography. Talking Types aims to create a supportive and dynamic community that fosters learning, collaboration, innovation, and professional growth within the field of typography and type design. Type design is the art and process of creating typefaces, which are sets of characters with a consistent appearance and style. Type designers are skilled professionals who specialize in crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing fonts.

Goethe-Institut Myanmar proudly hosts the first "Talking Types" meetup by providing the venue, Round Table, and facilities. We would also like to introduce "Round Table Discussion," which is open for people to sit in the literal setup of a Round Table to discuss a specific topic. Unlike a formal presentation or debate, everyone has an equal chance to speak and share their thoughts. It's a way for people to have a conversation, exchange ideas, and work together to find solutions or make decisions.

First "Talking Types" Meetup Details
Date:April 6, 2024
Time:2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Place:Goethe-Institut Myanmar

If you are a type designer or an enthusiast interested in Talking Types, please contact us at yannaing.oo@goethe.de for more details and updates.