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Queer Circles #4

mit Hatice Açıkgöz

For the fourth episode of Queer Circles, Matthew Blaise is joined by author and artist Hatice Açıkgöz. Together they talk about the role queer narratives play in society. Queer stories can help educate, provide opportunities for identification, and importantly, promote understanding of the lived experiences of others. However, within queer narratives and visibility, (aromantic) asexuality remains underrepresented - not only in mainstream society, but also within the LGBTQ+ community itself. A majority definition of queerness based on sexuality, gender and relationships is also reflected in literature: there are hardly any publications on the topic of asexuality. The two also talk about everyday racism in Germany, in the literature business here, and how writing can be understood as a self-empowering act. Find out more here.