The Art & Tech Podcast: Episode 02

The Art & Tech Podcast: Episode 2 banner © design @ Jeremiah Ikongio The Art & Tech Podcast: Episode 2 banner design @ Jeremiah Ikongio

“We Are Rehearsing the Future”: Art Festivals and Technology

In this episode, we speak with Qudus Onikeku - choreographer and artistic director of the QDance Center Lagos - to discuss the modalities of curating a digital dance festival and the implications of transforming live art to new media.

Qudus Onikeku is a movement artist who is, working with different media today: performance, research, installation, curating and community organizing. He is the artistic director of QDance Center Lagos, which operates as a creative incubator that applies artistic competence, human resources, innovation and creativity, as capacities for human centered content development.

Qudus’ international artistic practice intersects between his interests in visceral body movements, kinesthetic memory, disruptive practices and finding new vocabularies for performances that – instead of centralizing Eurocentric approaches – embrace an artistic vision and a futurist practice that both respects and challenges Yoruba culture and contemporary dance. He has created a substantial body of critically acclaimed work that ranges from solos to group work, as well as artist-to-artist collaborations with visual artists or architects, musicians or writers, multimedia artists or scientists.

  • Qudus Onikeku © Brandon McKinley

  • QDance Center Group Photo © Ayobami Ogungbe